Volkswagen - California Beach - Caravelle - Multivan

Volkswagen T5 T6 T6.1

- California Beach - Caravelle - Multivan - with floor rails

 compatibility & fitting kits

VW T5 T6 T6.1 California Beach For floor rails use Anchor/Cleats
VW T5 T6 T6.1 Caravelle For floor rails use Anchor/Cleats
VW T5 T6 T6.1 Multivan For floor rails use Anchor/Cleats
VW Shuttle crew cab For seat fittings use J-bolts
VW Kombi  For seat fittings use J-bolts
VW Transporter panel van  Use bolts or fit Unwin rail


 Pod suitability & positions

Nano-Pod Can be fitted behind one of the front seats or to the side
Mini-Pod Can be fitted behind one of the front seats
Table stand Can be fitted anywhere on rails


The iconic Volkswagen California is still the king of the mountain. Our Vangear Mini-Pod, Nano-Pod range of campervan pods are ideal for the VW California Beach, Caravelle and Multivan. 
The Mini-Pod and Nano-Pod campervan pods have a floor mounting slot, which combined with the anchor/cleats, are perfect for use with the VW floor/rail system. 


The Vangear cleat is designed to slide into the VW rail system and is ideal for quick and easy fitting and removal of your Vangear pod's.

Combining the VW floor rails and the mounting slots in the base of a Vangear unit allow for adjustment and easy fitting/removing of the unit, in the case of the Mini-pod and Nano-Pod there is also a cordless tap.


Convert your Volkswagen in minutes for those camping trips. 

Team Vangear are proud to present the new Vangear Mini-pod campervan concept. We have thought long and hard about this new concept which in essence is an entire campervan kitchen in a miniature package, there is a sink with a cordless tap, self-contained plumbing, a stove, a table and storage. It comes fully assembled and ready to go.

Compact lightweight versatile package

Table/door - the door becomes the table!

Flip up stove shelf for generic camping stove  - no convention gas bottle type installation needed

Cordless smart tap

Easy to install and removable
The compact Mini-pod is only
39cm deep 53cm wide 68.5cm high


Utilise the full flexibility of the VW floor rail system with many different position options eg to the left as shown above 


The Mini-Pod module can easily be fitted to the floor rails behind one of the front seats, in minutes with our Vangear anchor/cleats


The Vangear Mini-Pod kitchenette is ideal for the Volkswagen at 39cm deep 53cm wide 68.5cm high and only 18kg

Vangear Table-Stand

We also have the Vangear table and stand which fits onto the rails to.



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