FAQ & Instructions for Vangear campervan pods


Will I need to assemble my unit?

The Mini-pod is fully assembled and ready to fit.

The Nano-pod is fully assembled and ready to fit.


     Do I need a floor rail system in my van (like the VW California)?

No, our units can also just be bolted down to the floor of your van. We also have anchors/cleats for the VW California/Caravelle/Multivan rail system.Will I need to do any plumbing?

  • Will I need to do any plumbing?

    No, our units are pre plumbed in with fully integrated plumbing systems including a auto tap, pump, plumbing , clean water and grey water bottles

    Does my unit need 12v electric?

    The Mini-Pod has a cordless tap which just needs to be recharged via USB

    Does a unit with a fridge or cooler need a leisure battery?

    Yes, for operation when the engine is off a leisure battery will be needed

    What happens if I have a problem with fitment into my van?

    Our Fitment Support Guarantee In the event of problems fitting your pod we will:

    Help with technical advice

    Help you with any fitting adaptors/extra mounting plates

    In the unlikely event that the unit does not fit - A 14 day return policy

    How long does delivery take?

    Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery

    • How are the MIni-Pod and Nano-pods delivered?"

      The MIni and Nano pods are delivered in a box. Parcelforce/GLS/DHL will e-mail and text you tracking details.

      What happens if there is a missed delivery / delay / damage

      On rare occasions there are delivery problems and this can be frustrating for both you and for us, but we will always sort out any problems.





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